X-Ray Photos From The Book ‘Stuck Up’

In a new 224-page book released earlier this month, 100 images of bizarre X-rays are documented by three doctors, Marty A. Sindhian, Murdoc Knight, and Rich E. Dreben.

Everything from a Buzz Lightyear doll to coins, cassette tapes, baby shoes, chopsticks, ipods and an electrical cord. The insertion happened mostly rectally or orally though a few did occur through the nose and urethra.

Stuck Up!: 100 Objects Inserted And Ingested In Places They Shouldn’t Be even has a purpose. According to Sindhian, Dreben and Knight the book looks to remove the embarrassment element and encourages people to seek treatment after inserting or swallowing strange things.

Dr. Sindhian says that many adults swallow their wedding or engagement rings to hide them from potential mates, when cheating on their spouses. Also, that cassette tape was found fairly recently, not in 1994, like you’d think. Maybe it was a symbolic rejection of modern technology? That’s deep….[insert rectum joke here]

Anyway, Stuck Up! the best/most inappropriate unintentional coffee book, also reveals the supposed “reasons” for these odd insertions or ingestions (“I was drunk” was apparently a common excuse.)

Many patients claims that they “tripped” or “fell” and accidentally “landed on the object” while some straight up admitted that it was for sexual pleasure. However, some instances, like the Barbie doll, were just children being children. Eating objects for no particular reason except to “see what would happen…”

28 thoughts on “X-Ray Photos From The Book ‘Stuck Up’

  1. Another great post, on how sick post on how gay people are sick. Your anti gay message is just what we need. Your a true leader of the movement for banning gay rights.


    1. As an Emergency Room Physician, the majority of “rectal foreign body” cases are hetrosexual men. You are just another example of ignorant know-nothings that talk when they showld just listen. One of these X-rays is probaly yours to begin with. Get a life, and please stop trying to state your opinion on things that not you know nothing about but even more so, NOBODY cares what you think!


      1. My 4 year old son stuck a micro car up his anus,I’ve never heard of such a thing,but he said he put it up there,I’m. At the ER but the nurse said we’ll probably just have to wait for a bowel movement,that there’s nothing they can do.
        .is that right?


      2. This book and these X-rays are why gays should be not given the right to look after children.
        They just have to keep flaunting the fact they like sex. Quite like 2 dogs going at it.


  2. as a rad tech student, i can say these mostly likely arent photoshopped. we look at xrays back from the 70s to present and while im in my first semester of this i am truely amazed as to what we find in the human body. my teacher alone has shared multiple stories of what she has seen when she xrayed someone. believe it or not, people have bizarre object found within them and those objects inside the body all come with a story…


  3. To Allan:

    “Did some research..” Well done scherlock! Next time try to understand what you read…

    Book itself seems hilarious :)


    1. Whens she says “they did credit me on the cover for creating the images” she’s talking about the little cartoons on the cover or something else. They wouldn’t credit her for making fake x-rays and then lie about it within the book.


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