Next Britney Spears Single Revealed?

There’s at least a possibility that “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” may be the next single off Britney Spears’s electrozexfest Femme Fatale. It was speculated to be a single along with “Inside Out” back in August but instead we saw that crapfest “Criminal” receive the video treatment.

In a cryptic Tweet, Spears posted a video link to a video featuring Sabi doing the “rap” for “(Drop) Dead Beautiful,” posted on the 14th. Maybe I’m digging for lost gold but I take it as a possible hint. And she better not put her real life boyfriend in her next video, whatever it may be.

I can’t handle the reality of it. I want the lies of a male model in a tuxedo or a hideous chest-baring v-neck, not her leathery Sons Of Anarchy grandpa/father figure in a black pedo vest.

[Your body looks so sick, I think I caught the flu…Whoever said that beauty’s on the inside is a liar]

What do you think?

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