Occupy Protesters Pepper-Sprayed Nationwide

I said I wished the Occupy Portland Protesters had gotten pepper sprayed, and it looks like it happened. And, yes I have little sympathy, but not in the Portland case. They can throw around the words “non-violent” all they want but when the police demand over a loudspeaker that you leave the street, plus make mention of using chemicals against you, you should back the fuck off.

The uppermost image was captured last Thursday by a photographer for the Oregonian. It depicts Elizabeth Nichols getting a large dose of pepper spray directly to her eyes, mouth and nose. Now she’s a poster-child for the movement. Nichols said “It felt like my face, ears and hands were on fire.”

I know the feeling, once in my coastal hometown there were some incidences with local criminal activity, so my mom purchased pepper spray for me to keep in my room. Of course I decided to spray it into the air with my friend, thus causing us to cough and open all the windows in the house.

The Occupy Portland protester was attacked by the police just days after a photo of an 84 year-old woman (Dorli Rainey) who had also been sprayed went viral. To make matters worse, on Friday, the police peppered around a dozen UC Davis protesters who were being relatively quiet and sitting still.

It was kind of like the policeman was watering the lawn. It was the most casual action, and that’s what made that instance disturbing. Oh, and the shrieks of terror in the background didn’t help either.

What do you think?

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