Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving Special Made Me Cry (For All The Wrong Reasons)

The Lady Gaga Thanksgiving special on ABC was, very surprising. Not because Lady Gaga wore strange and scandalous outfits or jumped in a mud puddle while licking a crucifix. It was surprising because it was so so…tame.

The high-budget affair, which aired from 9:30-11:00 p.m. averaged about 5.4 million viewers. Sadly things like Fox’s Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas special beat Ms. Germanotta who sang hits like “Born This Way,” “You And I,” “Edge Of Glory,” “Bad Romance,” “Hair” and “Marry The Night.” She also sang “White Christmas,” taking it upon herself to add a verse about a snowman to the classic.

She also briefly sat down with Katie Couric (in a conservative suit, sans eyebrows) during “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” and refused to answer questions about her love life, saying, “The day I get married, no matter how many helicopters are flying over that chapel, they’re not getting one picture.”

There were moments of sweet awkwardness, such as Gaga’s old Catholic School teacher showing up, or tears falling when she discussed her father and deceased grandpa. The nicest thing was her obvious admiration for Tony Bennett who she lovingly describes as “handsome” and a “gentleman.”

Otherwise, I fast-forwarded the dan thing because of her boring choreography and slowed-down performances of already blah songs from Born This Way. Plus the fact that she cannot seem to stop talking mid-song, which is funny since she hardly talks enough when she’s actually being interviewed.

One thought on “Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving Special Made Me Cry (For All The Wrong Reasons)

  1. My friend Tracy, says that she went to school with Gaga, but she is one of those know it all bitches who says she knows everyone


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