Carlos Mencia Lost 70 Pounds

Carlos Mencia, the 44 year-old Mind of Mencia comedian has lost a total of 70 pounds. After being ripped to shreds by fans and even fellow comedians for possibly stealing his material from the likes of George Lopez and others, Mencia sought therapy.

The therapy and weight loss seem to have worked, because Carlos has a new stand-up special called “Carlos Mencia: New Territory,” which will air on Comedy Central this Sunday.

Mencia told The Times that he lost weight after his diabetic friend called him fat. The friend was identified later as Gabriel Iglesias, who, oddly, is also quite overweight. Within the interview, Mencia commented on America’s obesity issues,

“America is such a great country, we have fat poor people.’ It’s one of those jokes that doesn’t hit people right away, because it’s so prevalent that we don’t get it.”

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