Janice Dickinson Says Top Model Winners Are Chosen By CoverGirl, Not Judges

Janice Dickinson made a bold statement during an interview with FilmOn’s Alki David, which was released on Monday. She says America’s Next Top Model, for which she served on as a judge for four seasons, is completely rigged by Cover Girl, the company the winner scores a contract with.

“There’s back history of experience and the way she treated me when I worked for her on the panel, and there was a way I experienced being on that show, being conned, thinking that I was actually helping judge a TV franchise, that my say had any input, but it really didn’t, because Cover Girl are the people that choose the model. Not any of the judges, not what Tyra says. It’s who Cover Girl thinks should win each season. People don’t know that…It’s rigged.” 

This coming from the woman who once said she was fired from ANTM in 2005 for “telling the truth,” which is code, for being a bitch. Though in the new interview she says she split after discovering the show was fixed. I don’t think I believe her, though I do believe that the competition is too heavily influenced by a girl’s ability to do commercials.

What do you think?

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