New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ And ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Posters

Movie posters for The Amazing Spider-Man graced the interwebnet several days ago, with a Bane-centric one for The Dark Knight Rises appearing just a day later, probably a hype response pissing contest of some kind.

I’m gonna have to say that the Spider-Man poster is a little more enticing/graphically interesting. Like everyone else, I’m still more excited about Batman. Christopher Nolan’s third and final film in the franchise can’t disappoint.

I wouldn’t discount Spider-Man either, who knows, maybe Marc Webb (500 Days Of Summer) Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone can breath new life into the Marvel comic blockbuster.

The real question is, what are the plotlines? Is Bane really going to snap Batman’s back like that one dude that broke Adele’s heart? Is all of NYC going to turn on Spidey? Or is The Lizard going to mutate all its inhabitants?

What do you think?

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