Confuses Angelina Jolie (Brad Too)

Angelina Jolie can UNICEF the fuck out of Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and more, win an Academy Award, land the cover of Rolling Stone three times and parent six children, but she can’t figure out how to work a user-friendly website like Amazon.

Yes, apparently the nerd is not strong within Mrs. Jolie, who told USA Today that her and Brad, who like to get their Christmas shopping done early, basically needed GPS to navigate their way through the shopping site.

“Brad and I were on for the first time a week ago. But we got lost. After an hour, we just shut it off. My brain is too scattered and the wires go in different directions. I’ll stick to catalogs.”

Got lost?? On Amazon? If you can’t use that webpage than you probably can’t use any right? Besides Google it’s one of the simplest pages out there. Must be a generational thing. Though my mom knows how to make podcasts, sooooo, yeah.

Somebody pat her on the head and hand her a VHS player, a cassette tape, a pair of white gloves, a Panavision camera and a copy of Citizen Kane. Oh and a Mac Plus…And all this time I thought Hackers was based on her life as a young computer-savvy hooligan with elf ears and a bowl haircut.


One thought on “ Confuses Angelina Jolie (Brad Too)

  1. dON’T BE CONFUSED THis holiday season, what to get grandma the neighbors kids? How about Marykay, better then a boring fruit cake or a doll.


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