Who Wants To See Michael Fassbender’s Peen?

I dunno if anyone is interested in seeing Magneto’s Peen, NOT Ian McKellen, Michael Fassbender. The younger of the helmet-wearing kings of metal telekinesis. Speaking of helmets…

This movie, Shame, I’m still not sure if I want to see it. Am I going to end up shattered and torn like when I walked out of Martha Marcy May Marlene? I think I crapped out my soul after that one. Plus this mean lady told me to “grow up” after I snickered during a slow-motion skinny dipping scene with dramatic music.

What if I laugh during Shame? I will define the title of the movie. My face will turn red and I will explode into a million pieces that scatter all over Paraguay, Connecticut and Alberta.

This is why I must hide behind my computer and peer at Fassbender’s junk without the scrutiny of judgmental older ladies who laugh at my immaturity. And you can too! Unless of course you live in New York or happened to visit the big apple during the shooting of this film.

Word on the circuit street is that many of the nude scenes were filmed in windows that looked out onto public streets. Too bad it wasn’t Jake Gyllenhaal or Blair Underwood.

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14 thoughts on “Who Wants To See Michael Fassbender’s Peen?

  1. It is a nice cock…my gosh everyone was acting like it was something of legend though. Looks to me like the average size of any black man’s peen…maybe that’s why everyone’s in suck a tizzy over it…I’ve had much bigger!


  2. i think he has a lovely willy, but lets hope he knows what to do with it……and knows how to put that tongue and mouth to work…..maybe even his teeth, he has got a gob full of emwahahahaah


  3. He is an ok actor but no Robert Downey JR…. or Tom Hanks or a lot of other actors. Even Tom Cruise, is a lot better.


    1. My God, NO!…Fassbender is one of the leading actors of the age!!…he’s incredible. I put him up there with Daniel Day Lewis and Johnny Depp and Ralph Fiennes and Gary Oldman(who single handedly rescued the otherwis HORRIBLY bad Harry Potter movie he was in)….Downey has not done anything that is other than a narcissistic character. Hanks if hilarious..but just a bad actor…like he’s thinking “Oh, God, this is silly, I’m acting like I’m getting shot”. And Cruise is excellent in his realm-exclusing “War of The Worlds”. My high school friend is a producer and he says working with Cruise is a nightmare. My friend has done many big movies..I won’t mention his name…but he works with the Coen Bros.


  4. If he wants to shave to be fashionablly correct with the times Marykay has just the product to make it feel like a nice smooth tree bottom.


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