Scarlett Johansson Hates Her Nickname

Since her breakout role in 2003’s Lost In Translation, bloggers and random media sources have taken to calling Scarlett Johansson “ScarJo.”

Johansson is not pleased with the lackluster name, she says it’s “lazy” and “bizarre” and that her friends would never call her that.

“Oh, it’s awful. It’s a laziness. People can’t actually say the whole name? It’s just bizarre. If I hear somebody say that, I know I don’t know them at all. How come Daniel Day Lewis isn’t subjected to “like, ‘DaDay’? So Cate Blanchett is not,  like, ‘CaBla’? Why is that. Why do I have to get stuck?”

Oh come on, “ScarJo” sounds a little edgier than “DaDay” and “CaBla,” that’s just baby talk. Look, I’m sick of being called the wrong name too. People pronounce my name wrong right after I introduce myself. I’ve just accepted the fact that some people are going to call me “Hay-Lee,” even if it does make me feel like a farmer’s daughter.

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