Santana Is The New Proactiv Spokeslady

Naya Rivera is joining the likes of Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne as the new face of Proactiv acne treatment products. Apparently her skin wasn’t as perfect as her dialogue on Glee. She even claims to have sought the company out herself,

“I had adult acne and saw drastic improvements after I started using Proactiv, I decided I wanted to be their spokesperson because I really believe in their products and here I am. You will see the before pictures. I had really bad acne and had to wear makeup to cover it up.”

She says her favorite products are the 3-Step System, the Makeup Cleansing Wipes, the Green Tea Moisturizer and the Oil Blotter Sheets.

Ummm, isn’t that everything they make? I guess she’s a pretty good spokesperson, unflinchingly dishonest. I’ve never used Proactiv, not that my skin didn’t look like a Papa John’s commercial when I was 16, but I’ve heard that it does work. I’ve also heard that your skin gets addicted to the facewash, thus causing you to consistently buy more and more.

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