People Who Laugh At Rape Scenes Should Be Shot

I saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo the other day, and I had another classic Larry David moment, which I do commonly experience at movie theaters since it’s one of the few times I am exposed to groups of humans.

The LD moment was expressed (mostly internally) towards this awful woman who kept chuckling at the movie, which by the way, is not a comedy. It may have comedic moments but I hardly think murder, rape and sodomy are humorous. So this piglady, sitting next to her husband, keeps laughing during the infamously disturbing Lisbeth Salander rape scene that involves her recently appointed “guardian” Nils Bjurman, and my face almost splits like a watermelon in Fruit Ninja.

She also laughed when Bjurman forced Salander to give him a blowjob AND during any part with scary or dramatic undertones which is basically the entire movie.

When she did finally express discomfort, it was during the sodomy scene, you know, the one where the bad guy got what he deserved. This behavior needs to be reprimanded.

I think the brainwaves of movie-goers should be secretly measured by experts, and based on their response, they can either be shot in the parking lot by armed guards or not. Other titles should include Boys Don’t Cry, The Hills Have Eyes and Million Dollar Baby.

Besides the nazi bitch, it was an amazing movie, the best I’ve seen of 2011 despite the moderate change in ending and the bizarre American, British and fake Swedish accents.

It’s nice to see a female character being truly “strong” in a movie, and not just for kicking men twice her size in the face. (Salt, Haywire…ScarJo in Iron Man 2)

[If you happened to have seen a stumpy woman near the Beaverton Century 16 at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, standing 5’4″ with grayish-brown hair, please call the police. I think she’s the next or former Karla Homolka]

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