Celebrity Christmas Cards, 2011 Edition

Egos and fame go together like bread and toasters so it’s no surprise when they humiliate themselves with over-the-top Christmas Cards. 2011’s most interesting cards came from The Kardashian family, Bret Michaels and Fergie/Josh Duhamel.

The Kardashian Family (enlarged/spliced)

There were also some pretty normal ones, like Obama’s. Though Sarah Palin did manage to find something wrong with the presidential card which was an illustration by Mark Matuszak that did not feature Barack, Michelle or their two daughters.

A very non-Obama Xmas

She told Fox News radio that the focal point, White House canine Bo, was “odd” and that the card does not convey a solid image of “family, faith and freedom.”

Another scandal? The Beckham family card, which depicted Victoria and David’s four children harmlessly shirtless and snuggled up in bed. A small group of journalists received the card and posted it online, which prompted many sites and fans to repost it.

Beckham rugrats, slight opposite of population control

Those uptight British turds got wind of the card, which they technically leaked themselves, and demanded that everyone remove it. Then a bunch of people were like blah blah it’s bad taste to post pictures of your half-naked kids. Zzz. It doesn’t even matter.

One more thing, Mitt Romney and his gigantic family also took a picture for Christmas and nobody seems to have noticed the completely obvious fact that the heads don’t match the bodies.

Mitt Romney, the total opposite of population control

I think they used that one photo program that supposedly allows you to use the best face shots out of a series, so that everyone is smiling and not picking their nose or whatever. Clearly it doesn’t work, Mitt looks like South Park’s Mr. Mackey.

Oh, if you happen to know Jennifer Aniston or Justin Theroux, they just made a donation to St. Jude’s Children’s hospital in your honor. That’s actually the best and most thoughtful card in this grouping.

Jen Aniston and Justin Theroux’s joint donation

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