Tyler, The Creator Got Arrested, Pretended It Never Happened

MTV Best New Artist VMA winner Tyler, The Creator was arrested on December 22nd at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles for vandalism. Even though there’s a mugshot and police report, he’s denying the whole thing.

Tyler (real last name: Okonma) was performing with his group, Odd Future, when the situation got out of hand. Roxy employees were forced to call the police after he yelled at the sound tech and destroyed a microphone and soundboard.

His denial doesn’t surprise me, the guy may be one the biggest ignoramuses I’ve ever seen. His Twitter, the site he used to express his fake surprise at the story of his arrest, reads like Rush Limbaugh’s thought process. Here are a few gems from it…

“What do dykes get for Xmas? Boxers? Gift cards to big and tall? Fake mustaches?”

“Happy Hanakah 2 all da Jews and Mexicans out der.”

“Damn, I have to take a shit. Goodnight. This song is done.”

What do you think?

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