Liam Neeson Pissed Himself Again…This Time In Istanbul

The first time it’s funny, the second time it’s a call for help, the third is a little sad… Liam Neeson – Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars, relentless ass-kicking CIA agent in Taken and voice of hairy yellow Jesus in The Chronicles of Narnia – seems in control of everything.

The one thing he doesn’t seem in control of is his bladder and drinking habits. Neeson is currently in Turkey filming Taken 2, during a break he was apparently enjoying the nightlife while being followed European paparazzi who caught him peeing on a building.

He reportedly tried to zip mid-urination and ended up with pee-soaked trousers. I wouldn’t even believe this story if it hadn’t happened before, once in London and once in Northern Ireland.

Urinary tract infections are very serious and I don’t understand why he doesn’t get it treated. OR he just needs to stop marking foreign territories. Leave the secretion and excrement smells to America, mainly North Dakota.

4 thoughts on “Liam Neeson Pissed Himself Again…This Time In Istanbul

  1. People should stop worshipping persons.
    So that there isn’t a demand for watching them in their everyday life.
    So that Paparazzis don’t have a job anymore.

    But for that to happen, people would have to find their ‘center’.
    Let’s see if this might happen more often in the future.


    1. This comment coming from someone on the website “” is so good. I’m with you man, fuck Liam Neeson and his peepants I’m done worshipping them, I’m off to read through the works of Satre at which point I will begin to vibrate at violet and scissor with the heavenly father. PEACE


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