15 Year-Old Korean Girl Belts Out Some Adele

Park Ji Min is a seemingly harmless 15 year old Korean native who absolutely decimated the competition the talent show KPop Star with her rendition of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep.”

Her voice is a weapon and I hope it gets out. There need to be more famous Asian singers. I can’t think of any besides Nicole Scherzinger who is half Filipino. Oh and William Hung, but I was hoping that memory would dissipate.

Besides being in awe and jealous of how well this little girl can sing, the video makes me laugh because you can literally see her competitors frothing at the mouths, also with jealousy.

I’m always impressed with this kind of youthful talent and I can only hope that I see her again in some indie band that exclusively covers relevant pop music. The judges felt the same way,

“If I had a big bag beside me, I think I would kidnap you and bring you to my company.” Normally I don’t condone putting children in bags, but this one time, hell yes.

What do you think?

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