Happy Ghost Ridin’ Birthday, Nicolas Cage!

It’s Nicolas Cage’s birthday today and I would like to celebrate him and perhaps all great actors who cannot seem to turn down a single script that lands on their desks. Samuel L. Jackson also falls into this category. Cage, who wowed audiences with a dramatic performance Moonstruck, and action hero roles in Face/Off and Con Air is a true national treasure.

What would I laugh at in the theaters if it weren’t for the Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance 3D trailer? And don’t forget Season of The Witch, one of my all- time favorite bad movies next to Van Helsing and From Dusk Till Dawn 3.

I love how Nicolas calmly explains during the Regal FirstLook that the directors of Ghost Rider 2 are very “camera-oriented.” I point it out because it’s as if he’s trying to give them a compliment and it’s the only thing he can muster up. 

If you want to meet and personally work with Nic Cage, just draw/write a comic book. He’ll show up at your door immediately after like your typical summoned genie.

What do you think?

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