Paris Hilton Made Over A Billion Dollars On Perfume Alone

“Jealousy” is not just a song by Paris Hilton, it’s an emotion that comes up when you hear how much money she makes. Besides being a billionaire heiress with just her family’s hotel money, Paris told FHM UK that her fragrances alone have produced more than $1.3 billion since 2005.

What else is new with Paris? She has brown hair. Way more shocking than the wages she garnished from scentless slaves in China. She also revealed to FHM UK that “British guys are really different to the guys in America.” She must have noticed their accents and lack of circumcisions and a non-compact fluorescent bulb went off.

It’s so cute how she’s nearly posing topless right next to interview where she’s essentially bragging about all the money she makes. Many celebrities won’t even reveal how much they earn, but not Paris. She’s open and down-to-earth about it.

My absolute favorite part was when she discussed her music career and latest album. “It’s very modern and very catchy; perfect party music. There are just so many great DJs right now. And I should know, I’ve been to over 100 raves in the past year, so I’ve heard every type of music.”

Over 100 raves? In 2011 alone? And I imagine she got paid to appear at every single one. #Jealousy

Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy/It’s such an evil thing to watch someone have.

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