Why A Certain Word Isn’t As Offensive As You Think

On Thursday, my third favorite female jokester after Kathleen Madigan and Wanda Sykes called in to the Nick And Artie Show, which is one part Stern sidekick Artie Lange and one part comedian Nick DiPaolo, to promote The Celebrity Apprentice.

“Promote” is not the word I was looking for, because while Lisa Lampanelli is a cast member on the show, which premieres February 12, she also told a story about NBC giving her bad seats at a Knicks game. The thing that really interested me was her explanation of a certain word, the one women find most offensive. And no it’s not “bitch.”

Fat is like the last curse word left because most women, if you take a poll, I guarantee you more wanna be called the c-word than fat. There’s no women walking around going “Hey do these pants make me look like a c-word?”

She’s right, if you say it enough, it loses all it’s meaning, just like “fuck.” Go ahead, don’t be shy say it, just don’t call me fat, you thundercunt.

One thought on “Why A Certain Word Isn’t As Offensive As You Think

  1. Oh my lord, is Lisa Lampanelli really going to be on Celebrity Apprentice? I don’t think I can stand to watch — not because I have great taste, but because of my deep loathing for All Things Trump — but I can’t wait to hear her talk about it afterwards.


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