I Never Felt Sorry For Tiger’s Ex-Wife, But Now I REALLY Don’t

Tiger Woods‘s boring Swedish wife, Elin Nordegren has just reversed any lingering sympathy that people felt for her over the duration of her marriage and divorce in which Tiger cheated on her by sexting various waitresses or promoters or hostesses or whatever they like to be called. They serve you food and get boned by George Clooney, that’s all you need to know.

What did Elin do with her divorce money? She bought a six-bedroom, 9,000 square foot mansion but then decided ‘meh, this house is too low-key for my tastes’ and demolished the whole thing. She obviously took a big loss on the $12 million dollar home, so I kinda hope it was haunted by a billion bloodthirsty ghosts and smelled like rotting flesh.

Even then, someone would have wanted it and loved it and made friends with Casper’s Florida cousins. Over 50,000 Yahoo commenters were rightly furious over the wastefulness of it all. They also questioned her reasons for not just selling the place. I mean, it’s not even her home with Tiger, but perhaps it still reminded her of him, because of where the money came from?
There are just so many words I want to type in succession. Obscenities that even HBO and Showtime would try to censor.
 **** ***** *********** **** ***** ********** ********** ****** **** ***** ****** ********** *****!

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