Appearance Changes For Katy Perry And Ashton Kutcher

Ashton and Katy both just got out of relationships, one noticeably longer than the other yet equally high-profile. Like all shamed and tired recently-made single people, they’re both going for something new. Ashton Kutcher cut his hair and shaved his beard/sideburns and Katy Perry dyed her blue.

This is the first picture of Perry since we learned of her divorce from Russell Brand, E! Online reports that she was leaving the set of an
Adidas commercial (that may explain the colorful tracksuit) and snapped a photo with a fan.

In the case of Kutcher, he did it all for a Two And A Half Men plotline,

“How it evolved is that these guys wrote a screenplay that dictated that I cut my hair and shave my beard at some point.”

The one thing the guy still hasn’t rid himself of? His wedding ring.

What do you think?

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