Fun Late Night Questions With Meryl Streep

Jimmy Kimmel sat down with Meryl Streep last Friday (as usual I’m years late to the party) and asked her questions that she has likely never been asked before. It was a reminder that the most serious and revered actress is not “a drag,” quite the opposite.

The last time she “got drunk” was the night before the interview, an answer accompanied by an adorable giggle. Streep’s nickname was “Strip” but not for the reasons you’d think.

Has she ever been in a physical fight? – “Yes..she broke my glasses and I ripped her blouse off.” Thus the name. Has she ever seen Jersey Shore, yes she has but she’s not a fan, no surprise there. “I’m from New Jersey and it doesn’t represent us well.”

Other no answers: has never bought anything from Ebay, lit a firecracker, Googled herself, set a high score in a video game (“I don’t even know how to play them”) and she has not dated a magician.

When The Iron Lady/Julia Child/Anna Wintour was asked if she’d ever seen a ghost she eerily said, “I haven’t seen a ghost, but I heard something that was unbelievable.”

What do you think?

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