Funny Ladies (Abby Elliott) Can Be Sultry Too

People who watch SNL may not remember all the new cast members, some names (not necessarily performances) fade into the bakground, like Paul Brittain, Vanessa Bayer, Nasim Pedrad, Taran Killam and Abby Elliott.

The last, Abby Elliott is known for dopey characters. She often plays “the girlfriend” (usually Andy Samberg’s) but her impersonations are what you’d remember her for.

“I’m Khloe” always gets a laugh, you know the “special” Kardashian who doesn’t add anything to her introduction except a more vacant smirk than the ones on her sister’s faces.

Her  Chloë Sevigny, Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie also kill. Elliott, who was nearly born in the 90’s (1987) makes me feel old.

She’s also one of the few women of SNL to pose provocatively in a magazine. This time it’s Maxim and not GQ, where Kristen Wiig recently let loose.

One of the few women to be asked about more than just what she wears to bed and who her first crush was, she tells Maxim that Saturday Night Live is “The same cocaine schedule, but without the cocaine.” 

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