Sean Penn’s Right, I Am Diseased

Sean Penn has a new movie not yet out in wide release called This Must Be The Place. He plays a Robert Smith-inspired rock star who has left his life in the spotlight and ends up hunting down his father’s murderer, a former Nazi.

This Must Be The Place debuted at Sundance quite recently and Penn did an interview in Utah explaining his own disgust for fame and America’s obsession with it.

“I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that it’s an obscene disease of celebrity that’s taken over far too much of the life that we do live. I think it’s a disease. I think that it’s diminished the quality of life.”

“Not particularly for the people who are the focus of it, though that is clearly something that I’ve been compromised by. But for the culture at large.”
…I agree. I think about celebrities too often. I “know” an obscene amount of “information” (useless facts) about people who I do not know. Sometimes I spend more time thinking about them than I do my own friends and family.

SOMEBODY GET THE CATTLE PROD. At least I’m not a grumpy dwarf with two divorces under my belt. HAHA *points celebrity-obsessed finger* *claps celebrity-obsessed hands*

Useless facts that I know about Sean Penn? His pastimes include kissing James Franco, kicking the paparazzi, making really good yet sad movies and marrying Madonna.

Oh, and complaining about fame, even though he’s still intentionally famous.

What do you think?

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