Justin Bieber Is Obsessed With The Movie ‘Fear’

You know that movie from 1996 where Sarah McLachlan cuts off Mark Wahlberg’s head and shoves it through a doggy-door after he harms an innocent German Shepard? Fear. That’s the one.

Alright, that’s not exactly what happened but I really hate reminiscing about movies with notorious animal-torture scenes so I just replace those memories with images of Canada’s melodic sweetheart and supporter of the ASPCA kicking human ass and taking names.

Preferably with a machete. Or a plate of poutine balanced on a machete tied to a hockey stick with a handle wrapped in discarded liner notes from Surfacing.

Apparently Justin Bieber is OBSESSED with the movie which co-starred Reese Witherspoon. She played a teenager who pursues a slightly older and very troubled man (Wahlberg) who ends up turning on her and her family in a violent manner.

An undisclosed source (you know how reliable those are) told MovieWeb.com that even though there are no plans to remake the film, Justin really wants to star in it in order to obtain some “edge.”

Does he want to play the part of the underage girl, or what? (Or maybe Alyssa Milano’s role?)

What do you think?

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