The Joan Rivers And Chelsea Handler Feud

Joan Rivers and Chelsea Handler have a lot in common, maybe too much. They’re loudmouth female comedians and they work for the same network.

Both women visited the Howard Stern Show last week, Handler on Monday January 23 and Rivers the following day.

When Howard asked Chelsea about Joan’s previous criticism towards her she responded, “Joan Rivers? I mean, what the fuck do I care about Joan Rivers?…I saw Joan Rivers the other day at E! and she said hi, her and that daughter…I don’t not like her but I don’t think about either one of them ever.”

“We’re at a Comcast event and you know they’re giving me Conan’s old stage at Universal, Joan Rivers gets up and she’s like ‘I’d like to thank Chelsea Handler for giving me a career in comedy,’ she goes ‘congratulations on your stage Chelsea, cause I don’t even have a dressing room.'”

On Tuesday, Joan explained that she politely approached Chelsea at the event and was rudely ignored. She also called Handler unfunny plus a “drunk” and a “whore.”

I’m a huge fan of both these women and am surprised that they’re both (Rivers in particular) being so sensitive. All dish and no take.

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