A Dating Website For People Who **** On Planes

Oh you scandalous harlot, I bet you thought the **** stood for “fuck” well it doesn’t, it’s for “meet.” Oh, hell it totally means that too because let’s face it, the plane passengers who are looking for each other totally did that too.

The website in question is WeMetOnAPlane.com, seriously. Here’s their description and steps to using the site…

Have you ever met that special someone on a plane but for whatever reason you didn’t end up exchanging your contact details with each other and later regretted it?”

Step 1. Search for that special someone using your flight information – Are they also looking for you? Step 2. If they have not posted their story already, share your story on how you met – Was it love at first sight?

Step 3. Share your story on Facebook & Twitter – Help us help you find them! Step 4. Subscribe to get an email alert every time your story is commented on – It just might be them!

So, write a story about the poor woman you were lurking at like a swamp thang from the corner of your eye then share it with your Facebook friends?

I did really enjoy the story about from the man who let a a blonde elementary school teacher use his internet hot spot.

What do you think?

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