Video: Die Antwoord – “Evil Boy”

I gave the weirdest band of 2012 award to Die Antwoord, who are the edgy, South African version of LMFAO. “Evil Boy” is over a year old but with the success of “I Fink U Freeky” on Letterman and everywhere else I find it less irrelevant.

The video rivals any of the weirdness you’d expect from Gaga and while it sounds like total sex-driven nonsense it’s actually about the forced circumcision ritual that African men in the Xhosa tribe have to endure.

Wanga, the rapper in the video with the giant stick in his pants, is a member of the tribe who refused to go through with the sometimes fatal ritual and was excommunicated, thus the “Evil Boy For Life” title.

Forget the backstory if you want. Enjoy the spectacle. Watch Yolandi Visser get naked (don’t worry, she’s 35) and blink at you with something other than her eyes while surrounded by tubular statues and rats.

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