Sophia Grace And Rosie’s Red Carpet Interview #2

If you haven’t seen Sophia Grace and her hypegirl Rosie on Ellen yet you are missing out, and this is coming from someone who publicly loathes children.

These British tutu/tiara-wearing kids are the epitome of adorable. Everything that humans should be, hyper, funny and intrepid.

Sophia Grace burst onto the scene with her YouTube cover of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.” Soon after its release, the video (like Maria Aragon’s “Born This Way”) gained national and deserved attention from the media and she was invited onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

She and Rosie also got to conduct AMA interviews, which were a big hit, and met and hugged Nicki Minaj in the close quarters of Ellen’s studio.

On Sunday they managed to make at least one thing about the Grammy pre-show interesting when they blew bubbles with Lady Antebellum, wore Flo Rida’s shades, sang “Moves Like Jagger” for Maroon 5 and ate cotton candy with Paris Hilton. 

From this point on I demand that all interviews be led by preteens because they’re the only people that celebrities will let their guards down around.

What do you think?

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