R.I.P. BtJunkie, Limewire, Megaupload & Mininova

As all you penny-pinching piracy fiends probably noticed your favorite websites are getting shut the fuck down by specially-trained members of the special forces. (According to the RIAA At least 63% of people illegally download music)

Law-enforcers who can deal with people like Kim “Dotcom” Schmitz, the overweight Megaupload founder (and top ranked Modern Warfare 3 player) whose New Zealand home was raided on January 20.

They reportedly even asked his Filipino nannies if ‘they had any bombs.’ Speaking of bombs, now that Megupload is gone so is the popular torrent website BTJunkie, which voluntarily went offline to avoid more lawsuits and arrests.

This reminds me of all the similar services we’ve lost in the past year and months. Mininova, in late 2009, Limewire after fours years of legal battles  in 2010 and now MegaUpload, Filesonic and BtJunkie.

Piratebay is still struggling yet hanging in there after their founders were arrested and fined 30 million kroner (around $4 million dollars) they did change their domain to “.se” but only as a precaution to avoid being seized.

Rest in peace. Memory/All alone in the moonlight/I can smile at the old days/I remember the time I knew what happiness was/Let the memory live again.

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