Snooki’s Monthly Twitter Summary February

Oh Snooki how I’ve missed you. I keep forgetting to fix my DVR settings and tape Jersey Shore, last I saw she was peeing on the floor of some club and unabashedly talking UTIs.

Today I spent some time scrolling through her Twitter, a task that I do not consider a chore. I will now attempt to teach you all the things I learned. But where do I start? How about where I left off.

Though she has three cats her favorite by far is the orange tabby, Rocky, whom she would “die for” and refers to as her “boyfriend.” The other two, Vito and Tommy, are also never far from her NY side.

She watched the Super Bowl with Jwoww, sporting matching Giants Jerseys even though she admits to being more of a baseball/Mets fan because of her grandfather. 

In terms of TV and movies, Snickers watched Charmed reruns and loves Smash (Glee for adults?) and Katherine McPhee, visited the sets of Live With Kelly, The Wendy Williams Show and Watch What Happens Live on Bravo.
One of her biggest fears if the sound of balloons popping. Her next book, Gorilla Beach, will be out in May. She attended the Grammys in Bebe where she interviewed Fergie, Wiz Khalifa and “gun girl” Sasha Gradiva which she described as “different,” which can’t be a good thing.
As usual Nicole is adorably tolerable towards her anti-fans, which she has a lot of. When asked why she looks so awful on JS she responds “cuz I’m drunk gross and sweaty.” When a tweet saying “you’re a rat” comes her way she types “you’re a horse.” Touché.
Other random tidbits…Has a strawberry obsession, favorite new color is blue, claims to be a “sober Sally” when she’s not on TV. Her favorite track off the first album she ever bought: 2001’s “Fat Lip” by Sum 41.

What do you think?

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