Miley Cyrus – Love Is Persistent, And Stuff

It’s not that I don’t think that famous people are the only ones with dumb tattoos, most people with tattoos have at least one noticeably regrettable ink blotch.

Whether it’s an octopus with a pipe in its mouth, or a memory from the time they let their “tat-artist-in-training” roommate and/or friend practice on them.

Tramp stamps, chinese characters…

Britney’s fairy and ‘I’m strange’ tattoo. Angelina’s scrolling I’m-way-too-drunk-on-brut-rose-to-read-that script, Bieber’s Jesus seagull business. Lindsay’s “I feel like I’m in the prime of my life” Billy Joel lyric. Key word: feel.

They’re all mistakes, and here’s a new one. A bicep tattoo! From Miley Cyrus. So 90s. Maybe she’s bringing them back? It reads “Love never dies” and is definitely about Liam Hemsworth who was present at the time.

She got it at L.A.’s Studio City Tattoo from her go-to guy and part time GHB/chloroform master/potential friend of Michael Lohan and Stephen Baldwin, “Illya.” (The G in the photo)

Love never dies but gravity WILL pull your under-arm skin to the floor when you’re 70.

[Random fact: Cyrus now has 12 tattoos including a heart tattoo on her knuckle and the word “love” inside her right ear]

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