The One Time Nobody Wants A Sex Tape

Nate Dogg, the West Coast rapper who died from multiple stroke complications at age 41, has a sex tape that some people may want to see but absolutely nobody wants to buy.

I think it’s too recent of a death (Nate Dwayne Hale passed away on March 15, 2011) and not quite big enough of a star for people to be able to disconnect from the fact that they’re watching a dead celebrity during an intimate moment.

TMZ has learned that the video is five minutes long with Luther Vandross playing in the background to set the mood.

Some douche is trying to sell the tape to obvious porn outlets but nobody wants it. Hopefully even if somebody did it would get shut down by his family, much like the Tupac tape did or the [fake] Jimi Hendrix one.

What do you think?

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