Bryan Cranston’s Curly Hawk Mo

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, who shaved his head in the first season, Tweeted another jarring hairstyle he sported before filming the third season of the hit AMC show.

Yes, The most famous fictional meth scientist rocked a drastic wavy mohawk.

He mentions that he let his daughter cut it and that it was an homage to De Niro in Taxi Driver though it also looks like some shark-fin headscape Giants pitcher Brian Wilson would proudly parade around.

“Pic of me before 3rd season of BB. Let my daughter cut it as she pleased,wore it for 3 days then it all came off. An homage to Travis Bickle.”

Commenters on Pajiba, who suggested that the photo would give you “meth shakes,” didn’t seem happy, writing that he should be killed off the show and only Jesse (Aaron Paul) should live.

What do you think?

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