Tess Taylor Of ‘Pretty Wild’ Is A ‘White Girl Wasted’ For $$

If you haven’t seen the reality show Pretty Wild and you’re a fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Bad Girls Club you need to right now (Netflix) because it was the perfect mixture of the two.

Equally inappropriate and wealthy sisters swooning over gangly troublemaker boys and doing mountains and mountains of heroin plus arguing with their mom, who has a whole boatload of eccentricities of her own. The heroin mountain bit was more of a behind-the-scenes thing, though there were pictures of it.

You might also remember Alexis Neiers’ involvement in the 2008-2009 “Hollywood burglaries.”

Today it’s her adopted sister, Tess Taylor, who’s in the news. Taylor, who has been in and out of rehab at Malibu’s finest more than once for opiate addiction, is getting paid to appear (half-naked with a 40-ounce in each hand) on a shirt that reads “White Girl Wasted.”

Oh what would the nuts at “The Secret” farm say about this? (Her mom/whole family are devout followers of “positivity-based” religion/philosophy and it all comes from that damn book by Rhonda Byrne)

What do you think?

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