Zac Efron And Taylor Swift Sing ‘Pumped Up Kicks’

Former HSM teeny-bopper Zac Efron and country-bopper Taylor Swift dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres to show off their guitar/singing skills. At least, the guitar skills she attempted to teach him.

Taylor taught him to play the Foster The People megahit “Pumped Up Kicks” and even improvised the lyrics a little for humor’s sake, to play up Ellen’s curiosity on their dating situation. It (roughly) goes:

Efron: “Ellen works a long day, giving weird interviews in a slick cool sweater and it gets kind of weird getting called out like we’re boyfriend and girlfriend…”

Chorus: “Every single time I come on this show it’s really weird really weird, all because of Ellen, every single time I come on this show it’s really weird, really weird. 

Swift: “I’ve been on this show eight times show and I still remember Ellen hiding in the bathroom with a hidden camera and she scared me so bad and I fell and I coulda died.”

“She always asked me who I’m dating every time I’m on this show and I don’t even know why, but it gets five million hits on YouTube.” 

What do you think?

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