Fall Out Boy Patrick Stump Is Broke, Skinny And Sad

Fall Out Boy lead singer Patrick Stump opened up about his fans, almost going bankrupt after his solo album and the success of the CDs Take This To Your Grave and From Under The Cork Tree.

On his blog, he talks about the pain of being recognized for a recording made when he was so young and the “constant stream of insults” he endures now that he has just enough money to avoid bankruptcy.

He also opens up about the missuccesss of Fall Out Boy’s last album, Folie à Deux (“We were rotten vegetable targets in Clandestine hoodies”) and calls himself a 27 year old has-been. 

FOB fans learn that they never did break up even though their flop from 2008 took the wind out of the their sails. Patrick says he would be psyched to hook up with his bandmates but that it probably won’t be “in the near future.”

[Stump may call FOB’s Folie à Deux his favorite on Twitter but his one-man Soul Punk commercial-miss did make Spin’s 20 best pop albums of 2011]

6 thoughts on “Fall Out Boy Patrick Stump Is Broke, Skinny And Sad

  1. Patrick… I love you and wish to hug you. Your amazing and wonderful. People shouldnt say they miss the old you… because that you never left. I remember when I first heard you guys I instantly fell in love. And even thru your single and new album I still smile and Rock out to your guys songs. Sure you got skinny. Good for you. And let me just say you look sexy ;3 im always gonna be big, huge fan. Take care and rock on – your friend Armando


  2. omg, im not kidding i was so upset when i leant fall out boy broke up, now i learn they never did? i got to say i would buy any album they bring out i love all their song and especially folie a deux!!! please come back!! xxx i <3 you patrick but i agree with the picture, you were cuter when you were first starting, not fat but just chubby enough to be healthy, and his hair used to be nicer before he dyed we want the OLD patrick back!!! x


    1. Stupid comments like “we want the OLD patrick back” are exactly why he feels bad about himself. Grow up.


  3. I think it’s better to be a one-hit wonder than a “never was.” Do you remember the group TLC? even after having sold 5 million copies they filed for bankruptcy. The problem is the music industry does not have a guild. No way to protecting the new artist. I’m not going to feel sorry for this guy for going bankrupt. You have to learn to invest the money you have or spend it like water. That was his choice.


  4. I bought soul punk and I loved it. I also loved folie a deux. I adore Patrick stump and I hope he releases more music soon xoxo


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