Urban Outfitters Backlashed For Stereotyping The Irish

 New York congressional district rep. Joe Crowley and nine members of something called “the Congressional Ad Hoc Committee on Irish Affairs” sent the CEO of Urban Outfitters an angry letter after a bunch of semi-humorous St. Patrick’s Day apparel appeared on their website.

Things like “Mmmm Beer Boxers” and the “Drinker Not A Fighter Raglan Tee” plus my favorite, the “Irish Yoga Trucker Hat.” Crowley, who apparently sees the clothing as the Jersey Shore-equivalent of shamrock merchandise says:

“We know that Irish and Irish-Americans often revel in self-deprecating and blunt humor, however, we believe these items represent a step too far, crossing a line into stereotyping and denigration.”
He went on to talk about how the items promote drinking in excess. People on Twitter threw around the word “racist,” though I wasn’t aware that the Irish WEREN’T the whitest people on the planet. #TightassProblems
[EVERYONE knows, Irish, British and Scottish people are known for drinking, Germans for murder and Switzerland for standing around and watching it all go down]

One thought on “Urban Outfitters Backlashed For Stereotyping The Irish

  1. Oh you have the Swiss all wrong. While they are a neutral nation they don’t just stand around. They are smart enough to live their own lives without meddling in other people’s business. I don’t celebrate set St. Patrick’s Day because I don’t have anything green to wear.


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