Elizabeth Olsen Lives In A Closet

In case you were still on the fence about Elizabeth Olsen being some ethereal, talented actress with Maggie Gyllenhaal-like plates for eyes that is in no way like her sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley, I assure you, it’s all true.

During a visit to the Jay Leno’s Tonight Show she casually mentioned baking her own cake and going pan-shopping at Williams Sonoma for her 23rd birthday.

Other hints that she may be very down to earth (P.S. Lana Del Rey is too, dumbasses) are as follows:

1. She talks openly about moving often at a young age because of “water damage and mold issues” and “really bad luck.”

2. She’s taking a break from school but is two classes away from getting her degree despite starring in the controversial indie drama Martha Marcy May Marlene, upcoming horror film Silent House, and the thriller Red Lights, with Robert De Niro.

3. Her apartment is very small. And no, she doesn’t live in a closet because her sisters made her up until last year and she’s just used to it at this point.

She told Leno on Wednesday, “I live in a very cozy apartment. Realtors would call it cozy and it’s very tiny but it’s charming and it makes me happy.” 

“It’s 300 square feet, but you know, it doesn’t feel like it. But when my dad came to New York to visit it me and he finally saw this apartment I was talking about, he didn’t reveal to me until recently that when he was on the drive home he wanted to cry.”

[Random fact: This article was almost called “Confessions Of An Unpretentious Actress”]

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Olsen Lives In A Closet

  1. She looks like Chloe” Grace Moretz, sister more like it, this movie was just like let me in. I think they copied the concept!


  2. A 300 ft. apartment in New York is a Mansion. Seriously, finding any kind of real estate in New York is near impossible. I say good for her she seems grounded. And the movie “Silent House” is getting a lot of buzz right now. I’m glad she turned out okay.


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