J-Lo Grabs Herself And Revisits ‘Enough’

Jennifer Lopez played an abused wife who learned to hit back in the 2002 film, Enough, and now, she’s taken that a step further in a new spread for V Magazine.

And by spread, I mean she has a penis, or a bulge caused by an improperly designed Cleto Reyes groin and abdominal protector.

Enlarged clitoris or not, this shoot brings back memories of a better time, when she still had baby fat and side bangs and the biggest butt in town.

Now she’s a three-time divorcee, on American Idol and Q’Viva with Marc Anthony plus dancing on Fiats with her legs in the air.

I’m starting a bring-andro-J-Lo-back petition. Maybe there’s hope hidden in these photos? 

The article says she handpicked that sports-codpiece that looks like she’s stuck in a child’s swing. “She preferred the men’s style. ‘I thought it was more graphic,’ she says simply.” 

@JenniferGROPEZ versus @NickiMinaj versus @KimKardASSian. Round one. FINISH HER!

2 thoughts on “J-Lo Grabs Herself And Revisits ‘Enough’

  1. You know how they say a man must get in touch with his feminine side? I believe Jennifer Lopez was simply exploring her masculine side. And she’s no dummy, wearing his boxers jockstrap brought in a tremendous amount of media attention. J LO doesn’t have to dress pretty to get herself on the needs. How do I think she looks? Fierce from the waist up. From the waist down she looks like (bleep).


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