Funny Video: “Batman’s Night Out”

Watch what happens when “Batman” uses his scary Christian Bale voice to frighten urban Canadians in various locations. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” has never been put to better use, well, except in Death Metal Friday.

It was brilliantly pointed out on Attack Of The Show that this Batman’s parents would never have died because of the grade A health care up there. 

Toronto Batman: WHERE ARE THEY?
Scared valley girl: OMG you’re crazy!

One thought on “Funny Video: “Batman’s Night Out”

  1. First of all this was kind of funny. Oh, one thing, when Batman was running in the parking lot, he can’t run. It was more like a very fast amble. That was funny when the cops wanted to take a picture of him. I liked it when the two girls wanted a hug that was so cute. That was fun and stupid and silly and fun.


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