Total Eclipse Of The Divas, ‘The Voice’ Battle Rounds Begin!

After five fantastic never-grueling rounds of blind auditions, season two of The Voice (or, as one blogger called it, “DID YOU KNOW UGLY PEOPLE CAN SING, TOO?”) has progressed the ever-so-difficult Battle Rounds.

Difficult because the pairings are sometimes mismatched due to singing style or talent. Monday night’s episode had two battles where each of the four contenders were so good that they could have won American Idol in a snap. 

I guess I’ll just mention that each coach (judge) has not one but TWO mentors to help their team achieve vocal success in the ring.  Aguilera has my 90s folk crush, Jewel, and my long-lost-father Lionel Richie.

 Adam Levine has everyone’s favorite Canadian breakup lady, Alanis Morissette and stoner Robin Thicke while Cee Lo’s are by far the worst and not even THAT bad, Ne-Yo and Babyface.

Blake seeks assigned controversy in Kelly Clarkson who calls herself a big fan of the show plus his wife, Miranda Lambert, who is also there to stand in the corner doing laundry and making sandwiches.
The best display of the nights was without question Angie Johnson vs. Cheesa Laureta and their rendition of “Total Eclipse Of The Heart.”

Another one for the books the was the gospel matchup of son-of-a-preacher-man Anthony Evans and Jesse Campbell, doing Alica Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You.”
 [Keep in mind that Monday’s episode was taped in December, you’re probably crying harder than the people who got sent home]

One thought on “Total Eclipse Of The Divas, ‘The Voice’ Battle Rounds Begin!

  1. I didn’t think anyone that night had a good performance. I saw the nerves, yelling this song, showboating, lack of confidence, and honestly no stood out with an unique performance. It was flat as a pancake. I am waiting till next week.


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