Freaky Donut Enthusiasts Unite!

I dunno why people have their Victoria’s Secret in a wad over Chinese Dunkin’ Donuts selling pork and seaweed donuts. I’d eat three in one heartbeat. Hell, I’d eat six in two heartbeats if blood would continue to flow through my veins after consuming so much weird fat.

The chain will soon make these unique treats available in China to ‘appeal to local palates.’

They’re expanding (100 stores over the next two years) and enlisting the help of none other than LeBron James, in a multiyear deal that is reportedly worth millions. Chief Executive Officer Nigel Travis told Reuters,

“Donuts are a very flexible product. You can do savory donuts, you can do donuts with shredded pork – that’s in China, we also have a range of other savory products that we have been testing and introducing country by country.”

2 thoughts on “Freaky Donut Enthusiasts Unite!

  1. Chinese or the Asian culture eat more vegetables per serving than any other culture I believe in the world. It would be an American product that might possibly make a healthy culture obese. It’s the American way. I haven’t had a Dunkin’ Donuts in like forever. Lard-baked stuff is not my thing. Not that I won’t have a donut every now and again.


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