Lindsay Lohan Converts Back To Gingerism

Lindsay Lohan finally took everyone’s advice! She dyed her hair red, just like it was back in 2009 and before.

Does this have anything to do with paparazzi confusing her with Blondie’s Deborah Harry who is 41 years her senior?

That whole debacle did have a lot to do with both of them staying at the Mercer Hotel in New York.

After Lindsay’s SNL gig photogs that were camped outside saw a hooded woman with blonde hair and made the assumption.

On the other hand, it does speak to the fact that Lindsay looked older than Sharon Stone, dead Bela Lugosi and the pyramids of Giza.

The Saturday Night Live costume/makeup people knew to put red and brunette wigs on her and now when I look at her I no longer have to pretend that there is a lingering semblance of the Mean Girls from my memory.

She’s a ginger and it is fantastic. It literally cut ten years off her estimated visual age. Instead of 66 years old, she actually looks 25! (See more pics of Ms. Lohan Ginger Rogering it up in L.A. yesterday, over at Just Jared)

One thought on “Lindsay Lohan Converts Back To Gingerism

  1. She does look fine in red hair. Probably both out in the public and probably in prison. Hey not trying to say anything against Lindsey. She just has a way of finding her way back behind bars.


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