Celebrity Gossip Is A Secret Source Of Stress?

Stop what you’re doing, a list that appeared on the forefront of Yahoo yesterday called “10 Secret Stressors” listed celebrity gossip as the number ten most underestimated source of stress for women.

Things like Facebook, co-workers and “the doctor” also made the list. I never thought of the doctor as much of a secret source of anxiety since they’re always freaking me out on a global level.

Whether they’re explaining a mild illness poorly or APPEARING IN STUDIES LIKE THIS ONE, telling you that the everyday routine you felt was giving you comfort is actually making things worse and pummeling your self-esteem. 

According the article and Dr. Durré, “Comparing yourself to celebrities and movie stars is difficult at best, they have personal trainers, beauticians, housekeepers, maids, butlers, gardeners, chauffeurs, nannies and cooks. Instead of fixating on such lifestyles accept yourself for who and what you are.”

“Try this: Only allow yourself to sink into celebrity gossip, whether it’s in print, on TV or on the Web, when you’re doing something to better your own health and happiness, like running on a treadmill or cooking a healthy meal.”

Basically, if you feel horribly about yourself already and aren’t willing to face the fact that there are always going to be people out there who are richer and better looking than you, STOP FEEDING YOUR GOSSIP ADDICTION.

On the other hand, if you “quit” everything on the list you’d have to give away your computer, your car, your dog and your bathroom lightbulbs plus quit your job and demolish your bedroom. What a pain.

One thought on “Celebrity Gossip Is A Secret Source Of Stress?

  1. I get people who want to look like celebrities and enjoy that rich lifestyle. For me it’s just a mild curiosity on what’s going on with the celebrities I like in the celebrities I dislike. I can live without celebrity gossip. But I want to know what movie star is playing in what movie. What new television show is out and who is starring in it. I need some celebrity news it just doesn’t have to be gossip. What a dumb list.


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