Semi-Obscure Pop Playlist #1 (Oooh Girl)

I’m assuming you all like pop music? And I’m guessing you’re sick of what’s on the radio so I thought I’d type up a quick list of uber pulpy organic juice for your sad ginger winter skin to soak up.

1. Nicola Roberts – “I.” Former Girls Aloud member gone Lily Allen solo, but 100% higher (pitched) and 200% more annoyed at England’s paparazzi.

3. Dev – “Take Her From You.” Pregnant “In The Dark” pop star + pro-bodybag dragger.

4. Natalia Kills – “Love Is Suicide.” Most underrated “Perfectionist” pop of 2010, 12 and 13.

5. Grimes – “Oblivion.” Circumambient Canadian helium/Rooney Mara-bangs expert Claire Boucher.

6. Lights – “Toes.” “Best New Artist” Juno-winner Valerie Anne Poxleitner.

7. Lady Gaga – “Electric Chapel [Two Door Cinema Club Remix]” Will make you enjoy Gaga’s floppy religious mess.

8. Sky Ferreira – “99 Tears.” One less than hundred, makes you feel less pity eh?

9. Katy B – “Witches Brew.” Refreshingly NOT Katy Perry, Katy Rose or Jesse J.

10. Oh Land – “Perfection.” Born in Denmark, like umm, nobody else.

11. Britney Spears – “Trouble For Me.” Cigarettes and cologne…Enough said?

12. Nicola Roberts – “Gladiator.” Blake Lively and Rebecca Gayheart’s straight-mouthed twin.

13. Anouk – “Ms. Crazy.” Do you miss Amy Winehouse? Me too.

14. Lana Del Rey – “Carmen.” She’s ironic, 20,000 spoons when all she needs is a time machine.
[Go commandeer some bad bad music! Legally, of course. I’ve never indulged in illegal tunes, ever]

4 thoughts on “Semi-Obscure Pop Playlist #1 (Oooh Girl)

  1. I listened to the radio and she sounds as though she’s 12 years old. And then when she goes up high, I feel like I need to take some medicine. I’m not a fan, sorry.


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