Download The New Garbage Track, ‘Blood For Poppies’

Garbage’s first album in seven years has a release date (May 15th) an official tracklist, album art and now an official single.

Their new song “Blood For Poppies” off Not Your Kind Of People was played on KROQ and other radio stations yesterday. You can download it for free HERE.

I’ve already placed the song on my favorite iTunes playlist and have had it on repeat for a good portion of the day.

That is, when I wasn’t re-watching Young Adult (I like to emulate Mavis) devouring pizza and listening to Stern. I think I can even step away from my deep-rooted love for Garbage and say that this is a good song that could easily receive heavy alternative radio airplay. Don’t know why they are pulling on the radio/It’s by my side, and I know I’m right/I hit the fences.

4 thoughts on “Download The New Garbage Track, ‘Blood For Poppies’

  1. Downloading a song for free is a good way to get people interested in their album. I don’t listen to music much so can’t really comment on the band. I did not see the movie “Young Adult” but I notice it’s on my on-demand list. if I am bored enough I may watch it.


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