Gonna Have To Face It, I’m Addicted To Pinterest

The sad thing about addictions and fandom and obsession is that you feel like you’re the only one. I’ve heard that heroin is the most amazing thing ever, that nothing can compare, not blueberry cheesecake or sex with Ryan Gosling or icy pineapple drinks in the sun.

Whatever, it’s fine, because I have Pinterest! I don’t need heroin, it would never work for me anyway, I don’t like stabbing myself with needles nearly enough. 

If you’re not familiar, Pinterest is an online bulletin board (that thing at schools and local grocery stores, made of cork) but not the kind where you leave comments and argue with people. It’s purely visual. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, it’s 100% positive. In fact, it reminds me of the WordPress community.
At the moment there aren’t a lot of users, at least compared to social network sites. Pinterest is more like social selfishness. Most of the time you’re sharing things with strangers, which is best because people you don’t know are the most honest.

It works like this, you find a picture you like, you “pin it” to a certain board (fashion, food, humor, books, pets whatever) and then if others like it they “repin” it to their boards. For me it’s just about storing images that I like because I’m old and I don’t want to forget them.
What you end up with is a lot of beautiful photos and things that make you laugh, plus a certain sense of gratification, the same one you get when people “like” or “retweet” things, but without the bullying and depression.

Go ahead, request an invite. It takes less than a day and combines everything you love about scrapbooks, collages and low-pressure camaraderie. (My Pinterest is Halliem03)

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