Jennifer Lopez’s Y Chromosome Stunt Double

Women using a male stunt doubles isn’t as uncommon as you think. There simply aren’t enough girls in the business of flinging their bodies into blocks and out of buildings.

If you ever saw the excellent documentary Double Dare which chronicled the daily lives of stuntwomen Zoe Bell (Xena, Death Proof) and Jeannie Epper (Wonder Woman) you’d know that they are out there.

Still, Angelina Jolie had a male double in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life during the wingsuit scene and now Jennifer Lopez is utilizing one in her latest music video, “Follow The Leader” which is directed by her boyfriend, Casper Smart. 

The shoot went down in Mexico where Smart was photographed feeding J-Lo donuts. I wish I knew the name of the stunt guy though. He’s fuckin’ awesome. The matching one-sided corn rows really speak to me. [Via GrouchyMuffin]

2 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez’s Y Chromosome Stunt Double

  1. Look dude, no one cares about your opinion Chuck. I don’t think the writer was even writing about what your referring to.


  2. They’ve been used on the show alias as well. It is very easy to spot a male stunt double. You look at the shoulders and hips from the back. A man’s shoulders will be wider than the female shoulders. While the hips will be slimmer. Male have been used in movies and on television shows to replace the woman actress. Look at his shoulders, they are wider than Jennifer’s, that is how you will know it is him and not her.


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