Oprah’s OWN Network Cancels ‘The Rosie Show’

For a woman who prides herself on charity and providing advice for the entire feminine race, Oprah sure is selfish. Her longtime talk show on CBS ended (25 seasons to be exact) and she launched her own TV channel, OWN…the Oprah Winfrey Network.

It was a move reminiscent of legendary butt-of-the-joke O Magazine which saw Ms. Winfrey on the cover every single month at various weights, sometimes holding a fruit basket or standing amidst some leaves and an orange background. And who does she invite into the fun of her “next chapter?” Rosie O’Donnell!  

And who did she give the boot to after five months of appalling ratings (the all-time low was 60,000) and mostly disappointing guests – you guessed it. The Rosie Show.

 The show was bound to fail. For one, it’s on expanded cable, two Oprah stole all the good guests (she’s interviewing Lady Gaga and her mother today) leaving Rosie with duds like Rachel Harris and Jaleel White.

2 thoughts on “Oprah’s OWN Network Cancels ‘The Rosie Show’

  1. I think Oprah made a huge mistake by having her own network. I don’t think she understood the programming that is involved. The around-the-clock scheduling. When I watch a movie on that network they cut out so much of it for commercial sake that I swore I would never see another movie on her network again. And I never have. This network is bound to fail.


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